• Welcome to Goretti Guedes online!

    Goretti Guedes is an artist / entrepreneur who has been to revitalize the traditions of porcelain art of Vila Nova de Gaia / Oporto - Portugal through traditional techniques used in the 19th century.
  • Style and elegance

    Goretti Guedes. Added to its product portfolio several XIX century pieces, including bowls, turreen and candles. Beautiful pieces all handmade.
  • Customize a piece as you like...

    Mrs. Gabriella de Esteban, the Orchestra Director of Madrid requested our services to customize hand made plates with her family blazon. We proundly shows this fantastic work and a pleasure to serve her. Thanks Mrs. Gabriella de Esteban.
  • Unique pieces

    In Goretti Guedes all pieces are unique, the plastic artists makes customizable pieces and unique, a piece is a piece.  
  • The image that marks

    In Goretti Guedes we customize the pieces with your logo,  your name or any other words.   High Quality Pieces - Wedding Gifts  - Fine Porcelain Collections   Make your own model - Ask us for an opinion - Design yourself and send us
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Centenary commemorative bowl of carvalhinho factory, glazed, hand-painted.
290290.00 EUR EUR
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Blue wavy tea cup with round dish, handpainted.
1616.00 EUR EUR
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Lace dish painted with thin bouquet glazed, hand painted.
2525.00 EUR EUR
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Lace edge dish circle of flowers, glazed, hand painted.
180180.00 EUR EUR
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Jar flattened with risk of trellises of flowers in blue or colored glaze.
2525.00 EUR EUR
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Round box with blazon risk, glazed, hand-painted.
2020.00 EUR EUR
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The olive bowl or olive dish is a decorative piece to serve olives or lupins.
1111.00 EUR EUR
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Lace dish glazed, hand painted.
1717.00 EUR EUR
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Bowl or tureen composed by 3 pieces.
3030.00 EUR EUR
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Small round bowl thin colored, used as container or as a fruit bowl.
1717.00 EUR EUR
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Dish appetizers with 6 dividers, hand painted.
2424.00 EUR EUR
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Bowl or tureen consists of 4 pieces.
8585.00 EUR EUR
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