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Maria Goretti Guedes Pereira

My name is Maria Goretti Guedes Pereira and I was born on 21 March 1958.

At 6 and a half years old I started my school career. In the school holidays I attended the house of a milliner's where I learned to sew, how to sew, crochet, hand knitting, etc. This activity was always repeated on vacation until completing my 12 years.

In 1970 a lady learned the art of
making garments for babies and these pieces were later sold in Mozambique and Angola.

I started my career working with 12 year old in my house where confecionava knitted clothes for children and adults!.

I bought my first knitting machine with my first paycheck (400 shells) and worked until 1990 in this business on his own.

Because I felt I could be more creative in my life, I attended a course in painting, ceramics and pottery emerged and thus the opportunity for a different job that he had.

Immediately abandoned the meshes and went to what gave me more pleasure and gives me up to today do, which is to continue the process of manufacturing a factory prestigious nineteenth century, the traditional earthenware ceramic artistic Carvalhinho , who was born in Oporto and had its end in Vila Nova de Gaia.

This work continued for me, allows me to be very creative and innovative and it gives me immense pleasure to carry around a process Manufacturing, which is the cultural heritage of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia and much coveted by the people abroad (Brazil, England , Spain, etc.).

Currently and in the coming years, I hope to continue this art!

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History of Carvalhinho, their factories, innovation in production and the succession of generations.