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Goretti Guedes offers its customers various customization or creation of parts produced in thinner stoneware Carvalhinho.

1st Option available to acquire the parts online

The customization "stamp on the bottom (backstamp)" refers to the placing of a dedication, a date, a date and event name, the customer at the bottom of the piece. Usually there is a visible area, because Backstamp is the bottom of the support piece.

Note: For backstamp personalizarmos the desired text, the piece must be large enough to be legible. Backstamp write any size since part permits. The price of the backstamp will be proportional to the size of the piece. Simulate the parts that allow you to do.

2nd Option available under budget

In the case of a decoration existing project special adaptation relates only a small part of the decoration selected by the customer catalog current Goretti Guedes, introducing an element proposed by the customer may be provided a corporate logo design of the decor piece, or a reason, a dedication, a date, changing an existing drawing or an original painting being completely new. In this case do not predict major changes in existing decor, only the introduction of a new element or color change. Request your quote and send us the requested changes by selecting the part in our catalog.

Whichever option the customer in terms of customization, it is always accompanied by the signature of / the artist Goretti Guedes, and the inscription Gaia-Portugal (city and country of origin of our production).


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