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Boxes Boxes

At Goretti Guedes we create, customize and sell porcelain boxes according to the specific needs of your company and put your brand on the top.

Wall Sinks Wall Sinks

Wall sinks for spices or herbs. For wall hanging.

Dishes / Platters Dishes / Platters

Dishes for use or decorative purposes.Set the dinner table with porcelain plates or decorate your walls with this with handmade beautiful pieces.

Jugs / Mugs / Cups Jugs / Mugs / Cups

Decorate the dinner table with mugs, jugs and porcelain cups. With unique design.

Ashtrays Ashtrays

Ashtrays hand painted flower glazed with crest or logo.Personalized Ashtrays.

Bells Bells

Buzzer or porcelain bell to decorate your dining room.

Candlesticks Candlesticks

Candlesticks glazed porcelain, hand painted.

Tureens / pots Tureens / pots

White blue porcelain pots or colored pots.

Jars Jars

Flower jars to decorate the space and provide a new environment to your home.

Cup bases Cup bases

Cup bases and mug bases.

Other Pieces Other Pieces

Other decorative pieces highlighting the quality and refinement, creating high ambient decor. Glazed porcelain of olive handlers, shells, spoons or thimbles.

Antiquary Antiquary

Remarkable antique pieces from carvalhinho factory with more than half a century.

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